Once upon a time,

There was a young girl with a dream. 

A very special dream, made of colours,Shapes,lines,fabrics and threads,that combined all together  created what she liked the most: a dress.

Well yes,the young girl I am talking about has grown up,and it’s me. 

My name is Martina Rossi,I’m 26 years old and you can understand that this is my dream which began  a long,long time ago. It took me a lot of courage to chase it,you know it takes a fool to leave the reliable things,a well paid job to follow your own dream. But I’m not afraid of what will await  me,because I’m doing what I love.

It’s so hard but I’m more than willing to make many sacrifices to reach my goal; I love spending the days locked up in my workshop; I love to create from scratch  each one of my dresses,imagining and drawing every single of them, I love to turn some simple fabric into something which is deeply mine. But the most beautiful and priceless emotion comes when I receive your requestes. 

Thank you all,from the bottom of my heart because you turned the magic into reality. 

Thank you a lot